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PEX Tubing – Best Choice for Residential Branch and Trunk Plumbing Systems

pex tubingThe PEX Tubing offers numerous unique properties that enable it to configure in countless and distinct residential plumbing applications. There are three potent layout options offered by these tubes – home run, branch and trunk as well as remote manifold. These three construction forms can be designed optimally for providing homeowners with balanced costs, low installation time and high performance level. One most used form of PEX tube plumbing system in branch and trunk. This form of system is employed to meet potable water distribution applications.

The main trunk line is linked to branch out connections through pipes made with PEX.  The central trunk line serves numerous units while the branch connections are made to serve specific areas such as bathrooms, kitchen and more. Using PEX tubing for this form of plumbing system offer countless advantages such as:

  • The design of plumbing system is simple and offer easy installation with use of flexible PEX units.
  • The PEX tubes utilize very less numbers of fittings and connections that makes setting up this system very convenient to build up.
  • The branch and trunk plumbing system set with use of PEX Tubing offer quick distribution of hot water from one unit to other thereby reducing the overall wait time for hot water distribution.
  • This plumbing system helps users to secure high pressure of water with ease. The use of such high quality tubes make sure that high pressure volume is provided not only to central trunk connection but to other multiple branch connections as well.
  • Using powerful, robust and compatible tubes of PEX and involvement of less number of fittings and fixtures make the overall plumbing system completely leak and damage proof.

The branch and trunk plumbing system is most used form of plumbing for potable and domestic water distribution applications. Using PEX Tubing for this system can help homeowners to secure long life working systems at economical prices.

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