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Treehouse Kits

While you might feel a little overwhelmed with the materials alone, just remember the directions are not difficult to follow. To complete a standard kit, plan about 12 hours of your time. If you have a friend that can assist, that would be all the better.

Although you will need to follow the specific directions included in the particular kit you purchase, generally, you would start with the base. Turn it upside down, and then building the legs. Tap 3/8-inch galvanized down into pre-drilled holes in 4x4s. Now, attach the to each of the 4x4�s and when in place, tighten the bolts. Once down, you will turn the base over.

Typically, you would then dig the postholes and set them. The leveler will be used to ensure the unit is level before the actual for is built. Once you have completed the entire structure, you can be sure that you will be the �coolest� dad in the . The most important thing to remember when building a tree house is that you need to make sure the kids will be safe. That means checking to see if any nails are not hammered in well or lying around the ground, that the entry rope or steps are securely in place, and that everything is tight and in place. Then, about once a month, you should do a check to make sure things remain safe.

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